Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am having a HUGE wardrobe crisis. We're in the middle of summer but we just had a frightning storm, so we're all inside and we have nothing to do but shop online while the rain pours. Anyway, net-a-porter has its fall collections online, so the season has officialy changed and I'm pretty fall-minded right now, and I just realised that I don't have any fall clothing worth describing as clothing. Let alone Fashion. Ever been there? I'm so bored and done with the fall/winter clothes I have at the moment it is making me sick. My look from last year is just too two-thousand-and-late, in the words of Fergie. I took a look in my closet just now and I had to stop myself from ripping it all out and trowing it away. Of course that's a waste. So I'm gonna take the next few days, and start eBaying like crazy. At least then I get to make some money out of it. An example of how I should look September 1st:

Ah, style in its purest form.

Of course nothing can make me too sad, today I celebrated my 16 month anniversary with the beloved boyfriend :) very nice.

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