Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Dior

I think the LADY DIOR handbag is the most beautiful in the world. It's absolutely the loveliest bag I have ever seen. And for €1350 it's yours. About Lady Dior: It's not just a bag, or clothes, or accessories, or shoes. It's a style, a way of living. That's what the advertising is all about; putting forward the image of a woman, the Lady Dior, who is strong, feminine, charismatic, and free. The advertisements aren't just a series of pretty pictures, Dior is making four actual short films, each setted in a different capital, creating a character, in stead of a model. One of the short films is already released, the second one (Lady Rouge) which will be set in New York City is coming soon.

Starring in all four of them is Marion Cotillard, a French actress. I had never heard of her before I saw the advertising. She is 33 and of course stunningly beautiful, and has a natural grace comparable to Jackie O. On the Lady Dior site there's an interview, I found her disarmingly charming. Some women have it all.

The first chapitre is called "The Lady Noir Affair". The advertisement picture is a shot out of this film. It is set in Paris, I'm guessing in the twenties, I love it. The Eiffel tower with its own complicated design compliments the bag in every way. To view, click The_Lady_Noir_Affair .
I can't wait to watch the next one. What's in her bag ... ?

I love the labels who make the effort doing a proper site, I must say most maisons have now online stores and decent websites. I can assure you is definitely decent, to say the least. "The Legend" almost made me tear up. "The Campagne" is a sort of behind the scenes of the noir photoshoot, "Lady Marion"contains the interview. It's all fascinating. John Galliano is a true artist.

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