Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back from Sevilla, Spain! It's really beautiful there, although we had historically bad weather. Unbelievable, so rainy and cold. We just had one day of warmth and sun; and then everything becomes ten times more beautiful and fun. I'm definitely going back there some day, in spring. I thought I would be able to do some Sevilla streetstyle, but I didn't see much fashion on the Spanish streets. But even if I would've, no way I could have taken pictures because Spanish people can't speek or understand a word of English to save their life :D. I didn't do much shopping (it's not very fun in the rain) but I did find some cute stuff. I'm excited to look at everyone's updated blogs! I see I have two new followers, welcome, I hope you like it at P&V and keep tuning in!
xo, Astrid.

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