Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Beautiful Life

I found this new tv show to watch: The Beautiful Life, starring Misha Barton & Sara Paxton, produced by Ashton Kutcher (something else than Punk'd right?). It is all about the models behind the fashion and their personal lives, sort of a fiction 8th&Ocean. It is no high end television, and the show was cancelled after 5 episodes, but I like to watch it very much and I'm sorry there aren't any more episodes. It is kind of Gossip Girl fashion meets The O.C. drama, with an extra splash of glamour. Pretty relaxing indeed :)
The YouTube TBL Channel has all the five episodes, in one piece and very HQ, nice!

If you like the show, subscribe to TBL! If there are enough subscribers, more episodes will be made!

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