Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation clothes

In our school, it is not too hard to stand out clothes-wise. Either the girls have terrible taste, or it is just terribly obvious. Like prom; I just chose a one shoulder dress and shoe boots because I knew 80% would turn up in the very expected frock (funny how many dresses there are that almost look exactly the same) with the same old midheeled pumps. And indeed they deed, I only saw one other girl in a one shoulder dress. Maybe I don't have a crazy style, but the one thing I hate is looking like everyone else. I was looking at the pictures of last year's graduation ceremony, and I noticed every single girl was wearing a dress. So what I want to do at the end of June, is wear a suit. I haven't found any inspirational pictures to show you, but I am thinking a linen, lightcoloured-but-not-white pantsuit, combined with nude heels and a tee underneath to keep it casual enough. Looking forward to go on a shopping trip...

PS: I got Chanel Le Vernis 517 Mistral (part of the Pop-up collection). I was lucky to get it because it was the last one they had in store, as it is a limited edition apparently. I really like the colour of it, especially a couple days after you've put it on: then it is a little more faded and pastel-looking and a little less Barbiepink.

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