Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NEED: Zara wedges

I came across these Zara wedges, how perfect are they?? They are the perfect wedge boot I want for winter! I think they are from last year, does anyone know where I can get these secondhand or something? Or does anyone of you, my lovely readers, have these lingering around at home and don't wear them? I want these so bad! Help!


Marylena said...

Wow i love these shoes and i love your blog!!!
come see mine

i follow you, you follow me??

Aura Mauricio said...

Hi, you can now find some very similar ones in Zara, in black and a lite color.

Pithsala said...

OMG. Did you find these yet?

Because I just ordered a pair EXACTLY the same as this one from ebay.

Here's the link:

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