Saturday, August 21, 2010

First days in the City!

So we've spent already two days in the city. Our flight was really comfortable and we arrived an hour early. Sadly I lost my iPod on the plane.. It is of course really hot here, but it's been good weather, no thunderstorms just yet! Our room is tiny but nice. Tomorrow we'll be going to the Hamptons to visit some of my late grandfather's friends.
I love it here!

Our hotel on Madison Avenue and 27th
This is my boyfriend!

Holly Golightly?

Today we had lunch at the restaurant in Saks Fifth Avenue! The food was really good and look what we got as an appetiser! Pop corn hmmmmmmm. I was supposed to get a BCBG dress there that I saw on the website, but it wasn't there and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to spend my money on so I didn't buy anything yet. The shoe floor though, major shoe porn/fashion orgasm, oh my god. One of the prettiest sights I have ever laid eyes on....

Keep tuning in!

1 comment:

Judit said...

So so so gelous!
Just a year ago I was there with my family and friends.
My hope is that in 2 years I'll be living and working there!

Have fun, buy a loy and take a lot of pictures with A&F boys!