Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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I'm not a fan of monograms. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, ... those are the ones that are faked the most. And I'm a strong anti counterfeit believer. When I see a girl walking aroung with an obvious (=big logos) designer bag, I can't help but wondering: fake or real? I'd never buy a bag that would make anyone wonder that about me. But obviously, Chiara Ferragni has no need for fake, and this is a model that not everybody owns, it's pretty. And the more I see those boots (designed by Chiara herself), the more I want them!

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Rhea said...

I absolutely agree with you about "it bags"...If I have to choose, I prefer a cheap one than a fake one!!!About Chiara, since I'm italian like her, I unfortunately have to say that her style is not so close to "reality". What I mean is that it's not so difficult to be fabulous with a lot (a big lot!) of expensive clothes! I do know sooooo much girls that are very pretty and with a great sense of style, even without great possibilities.

Great post, astrid!!! :)

(My english is a little bit weird...sorry! ^^)