Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best Dressed At The Royal Wedding



If you ask me, it's Phillipa, and not Kate. Kate looks everything like a princess should on her dream wedding (the only thing missing is the pumpkin carriage and a choir of birds). To be honest, I was disappointed. I had expected a classic but fashionforward, less traditional gown in stead of something every Disney princess would be jealous of. That doesn't change the fact that she looked absolutely radiant of course. Her sister Philippa though! Sleek, modern perfection. I couldn't get over how the fabric moved. Lighter than air. I'd get married in that in a second. Too bad for us humble commoners it's custom Alexander McQueen. Thumbs up for Sarah Burton!

UPDATE: I have found a quote from Lela Rose that sums up perfectly what I mean.

“Kate made a bold choice in choosing the house of Alexander McQueen, but then went very safe in her actual choice of fabrication and style,” said Lela Rose, an American designer known for her wedding dresses. Rose added that it was “a lost fashion opportunity to not have pushed the envelope further and done something more modern and fitting of where fashion is today.”

Source: Washington Post

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