Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blue Jeans + Black

imfashionstoned Helmut Lang

Stockholm Streetstyle Ulyana Sergeenka

Sources: imfashionstoned and Stockholm Streetstyle

PS Thank you so much Blair Bendel for giving me another award! Seven random facts about me: I'm thinking about getting a tattoo but I'm afraid / Estée Lauder is my favorite for all things make-up / I prefer bags over shoes / I stopped reading French Vogue a couple of months after Carine Roitfeld left, it's just not the same / if I could choose anything (material) in the world right now it would be a Céline Boston bag / I never drink soda, always water / I'm going to Italy three times this year - Rome is next in a few days. I'd like to pass the award to Silver and Lemon.


Ilka von Torok said...

Inspiring photos:)
xx Ilka

E said...

Hey Thanks for much for the award! It made my day :D

I stopped drinking soda too. Water is so much better. Hope you have a safe trip to Rome!

Btw, I Love your blog and your fashion inspirations so I added it to follow on google.

<3 Emi

Blair Bendel said...

You do, what kind of tattoo? I prefer bags over shoes too, especially the Céline Boston bag so gorgeous! ;)

xoxo B.


Tina.. said...

Congrats about the award dear!
And I am also afraid of getting a tattoo! I have even found what to and where but.. something is stopping me! I really love your blog and your photos selection!